A Message To Our Customers

A few exciting things to tell you about!
You may have seen that a few of us made a trip to Chicago a few weeks ago - we went to something called a Fashion Market. An event that businesses can go to and connect with different brands, see all of the new things for the upcoming season, and well spend all of our money 😅
This was an AMAZING experience. It is a GAME CHANGER to be able to see the items in person, feel the fabric, and try them on! So we have decided to start attending markets (hopefully) every 3 months! Here is the exciting part...
That means we can confidently bring you the best styles (obviously!) and more importantly styles that FEEL AMAZING and FIT GREAT! This has been very important to me from the start - I care about all of you and I care about the items we are offering. I want you to truly LOVE what you purchase and how you feel wearing it. I am so excited that we now have an option to really make this happen every.single.time.
One more bonus - we will be ordering MORE. This means you will have a better chance of grabbing the item you love during the new arrival drops! We are so confident in the items we are purchasing that we have decided to start doubling our orders! 😮
The last little message is for the curvy ladies! We will continue doing our best to find items that are available in all sizes, including 1XL-3XL! I will mention that it can be difficult sometimes because there are a lot of brands that don't offer curvy sizes or if they do - it is super limited. But we buy all sizes when we can! AND we will be adding a curvy model to the team so we can show off how the items look on someone with FABULOUS curves that rocks them like you! 😍
Love & appreciate you all 💛

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